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Blue Shield is the cultural equivalent of the Red Cross. It is an international committee, working to protect the world's cultural heritage threatened by armed conflict and natural disasters.

Blue Shield Australia (BSA) is a member of both the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield (ANCBS) and of the International Committee of the Blue Shield (ICBS).

What will you be doing for MayDay 2013?

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This month Blue Shield Australia, the cultural equivalent of the Red Cross, is running its annual MayDay campaign, promoting disaster planning and awareness amongst libraries, archives, galleries, museums, local history groups, and other collecting institutions.

Cyclones, floods, bushfires, earthquakes - Australia is prone to more types of weather-based disasters than most nations. And then there are the technology-induced crises, when the computer system fails; accidental and malicious damage to buildings and collections; plagues of insects and rodents, and human disease. These threats are real. We can't always prevent them, but we can make ourselves and our institutions more resilient by planning our response.

These are some of the things you can do for MayDay:

  • Visit the Blue Shield Australia website and check out our materials, as well as links to other organisations involved in disaster planning.
  • Read up on some case studies, to help you imagine, and plan for, the worst.
  • Use the surprising experiences and good ideas you find in the case studies to hold a disaster planning think tank in your workplace.
  • Attend Museums Australia National Conference on How museums work: people, industry and nation, 17-20 May 2013
  • Pull out your disaster plan (if you have one) and run through it with fellow members of your team, adding any updates.
  • Take the opportunity to talk about digitising your collection and contributing the metadata to Trove to make it discoverable.
  • Print the relevant flyer for your sector and place it somewhere visible to remind your team about the importance of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.


  • Blue Shield - Statement on Ukraine. [more]
  • Foreign Military Assets In Natural Disaster Response Operations. [more]
  • The Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference will be held at the QT Gold Coast, 5 – 7 May 2014. [more]
  • Call for project proposals for Disaster relief for cultural heritage [more]
  • Blue Shield comes to New Zealand [more]
  • The BSA committee is following the tragic events in Japan with great concern. [ more ]
  • BSA committee is shocked to hear about the earthquake damage in Christchurch NZ. Our thoughts and support go to our colleagues in the affected earthquake area. We are gathering news and information from the NZ library, museum, archive, gallery and build heritage profession and posting it on the BSA facebook site as it becomes available.
  • Flood Affected Cultural Heritage Register 2011
  • For all the latest news, visit our Facebook page:

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